Joint investigations

The Joint Investigations aim to tackle trans-border organized crime in SELEC region. They are conducted under the coordination of SELEC Operational Directorate, based on the proposals coming from the Member States’ Liaison Officers or Operational Partners’ representatives.

SELEC Operational Meetings are those meetings attended by law enforcement officers and prosecutors upon the request from at least two Member States, aiming to tackle criminal organizations or individuals acting in the field of trans-border crime. The objective of an Operational Meeting is to exchange additional intelligence, share their own analytical products and to plan future operational and judicial activities on the respective territories of the involved Member States.

The Head of a Criminal Group Arrested in Bulgaria
The Head of a Criminal Group Arrested in Bulgaria
July 20, 2011
BUCHAREST, July 20th – The head of a criminal group who defrauded by 1,5 million Euros more than 60 companies in 5 countries in the region was arrested in Bulgaria, following a ...