Organization structure

According with the provisions of the SELEC Convention the organs of the Southeast European Law Enforcement Center are the Council and the Secretariat.

The Council is the highest decision-making body of SELEC, consisting in high-level representatives of SELEC Member States, having the authority to act on behalf of their States.

Has as its Chairperson and Vice Chairperson high level officials from the competent authorities of the Member States, assigned for a term of one (1) year by alphabetical rotation among the Member States.

The Council takes decisions about strategies, financial matters, elections of the SELEC Management, approves applications for memberships and operational partnerships, as well as the conclusion of agreements.

The Secretariat consist of Director General, Directors and SELEC staff.

The Director General is the chief executive officer and legal representative of SELEC. The Director General is a citizen of one of the Member States, being elected by the Council for a four (4) years mandate. The current Director General of SELEC is Mr. Oğuz Serkant Akın.

The Director General is assisted by two Directors, elected for a three (3) years mandate. The Council is the one that defines the number, function and roles of the Directors. Presently, Mr. Romulus Nicolae Ungureanu is holding the position of Director for Operations, whilst Mrs. Tanja Levajkovikj holds the position of Director for Legal and Internal Affairs.

The National Units are established by the Member States for the purpose of implementing the objective of this Convention. They consist of:

Liaison Officers (LO): are representatives of SELEC Member States posted to work at the Headquarters of SELEC for the purposes of police and customs cooperation.

National Focal Points (NFP): act as the single point of contact in the Member State for communications with SELEC, through the Liaison Officers of the respective Member State.