Legal materials

The 7th of October 2011 represented a turning point in the existence of SECI Center, as the Convention of the Southeast European Law Enforcement Center (SELEC Convention) entered into force.

As SECI Center became SELEC, all its secondary legislation had to be developed in order to be in compliance with the provisions of the SELEC Convention and, in the same time, to ensure the efficient performance of its tasks and fulfillment of its assigned functions.

With the newly adopted Organizational Chart, former Departments became Directorates with Units and the position of Deputy Director was changed into Director for Operations, respectively the Head of Legal and Internal Department became Director for Legal and Internal Affairs.

Decision concerning granting the member status, the operational partner status and observer status were drafted and adopted by the SELEC Council- the highest decision making body of SELEC- at its 2nd session.

In 2012, the Organization and Administrative Rules were adopted in order to ensure the effective fulfillment of the objectives and tasks of SELEC. The Rules refer to the structure of SELEC in general, the tasks of the Directorates, the SELEC information network and data security a/o.

SELEC Task Force Rules and Procedures were developed taking into account that SELEC’s objective is to provide support for Member States and enhance coordination in preventing and combating crime, including serious and organized crime, where such crime involves or appears to involve an element of trans-border activity. The Council adopted these rules on its 4th meeting, on 12 July 2012.

The Rules concerning the Data Protection Officer were adopted in order to effectively regulate all requirements for selection and dismissal, tasks, duties and powers of the Data Protection Officer of SELEC in accordance with the provisions of the SELEC Convention.

The SELEC Code of Conduct was developed and adopted at the 5th Council meeting, on 8 November 2012, in order to meet SELEC needs to have its regulation that shall guide the members of the SELEC Secretariat and Liaison Officers’ behavior while conducting their tasks.

A new Headquarters Agreement was negotiated with the Government of Romania, entering into force in 2016. The document contains, among others, articles related to the legal personality and legal capacity of SELEC, law and authority in the headquarters, provisions related to the support of the host country, as well as privileges and immunities offered.

A Security Manual, Rules on data and information access, control and deletion and General standards and procedures for the processing of information are also in place.