The exchange of information is one of the main operational activities in combating crime carried out under SELEC coordination and support. It is conducted
Joint Investigations, as the core business of our organization, aim to tackle trans-border organized crime in SELEC region. They are conducted under
SELEC operational activities are conducted within the frames of eight Task Forces (TF) addressing issues of drugs and human beings trafficking, stolen vehicles...
SELEC organizes Regional Operations based on the proposals of Member States, discussed and agreed upon during Task Force meetings.
Strategic analysis, as the core business of the SELEC analytical activities, is meant to provide a wide-range overview on different crime areas in Southeast Europe
We run a range of different projects in order to support our Member States in various areas of interest. The projects currently ongoing are ...
Established in 1999 as SECI, transformed in SELEC in 2011 with a stronger legal base and mandate, SELEC has evolved from an operational platform to combat all forms of transborder crimes, including serious and organized crime, to an indispensable segment of the security of the region and the most successful example of regional law enforcement cooperation.