SELEC Associated Firearms Experts Network

SAFE-N will serve as a forum of dialogue, as an information platform, but also as a pool of ideas, expertise, trainers. It can stem initiatives leading to governmental investment programmes, to new or amended policies and legislation, to joint projects and events etc.

The network will be a platform for discussion and cooperation between practitioners in the field, which will smooth the way to institutional cooperation as well. The members and the network administrators will share and disseminate information and knowledge, standard operating procedures, best practices, materials, publications, guidelines, newsletters, scientific research/papers, initiatives, projects, policy proposals etc.

However, the network will not be used to exchange sensitive operational data.


SAFE-N is a no-fee network available for registration to individuals with a background, expertise, experience or line of activity related to (the tackling of) firearms. The applicants can be members of the police, customs, prosecutors, judiciary, military, licensed experts, international organizations, educational institutions, research institutes, associations, NGO’s, private sector etc.   

A registration form must be filled in and sent by e-mail to the address: . The network administrator will then perform the inclusion in the database and the creation of a forum profile. The applicant will receive a username and a password that can be changed upon the first login.

The registration form can be downloaded here:
[EN] SAFE-N Registration Form

SAFE-N  Contacts:



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the European Union.

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