Currently SELEC implements the following projects:

Project SIRAS on Strengthening the fight against firearms trafficking in Southeastern Europe with a duration of 36 months is implemented by the Romanian Police, as lead partner, together with SELEC and law enforcement authorities from Republic of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Bulgaria and Italian Republic.

Project SIRAS aims strengthening the capacities of the law enforcement agencies in Southeastern Europe to fight against firearms trafficking. It has been designed to support the use in the EU member states and in the SELEC member countries of data collection/analytic capabilities regarding firearms, to consolidate the investigation capacity, as well as joint investigations, police cooperation and exchange of best practices between LEAs in the region.

Project FAIT (Fight Against Illegal Trade) is financed by PMI IMPACT – a global grant initiative by Philip Morris International to support projects dedicated to fighting illegal trade and related crimes.

Over the recent decades, illicit trade has constantly increased in profitability for organized crime groups, subsequently causing significant financial loses for states’ revenue systems, especially those situated in the EU. As this illegal activity became more profitable in terms of financial benefits, it might risk the financial stability of EU and non EU markets. The project aims at increasing the operational capacity of SELEC and its Member States in order to create an efficient response in fighting against smuggling phenomena.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Setting up state-of-the-art SELEC Operational Centre Unit (OCU) in order to increase the operational capacity of the LEAs against illegal trade
  • Training for 120 specialists on the latest technology, special techniques and special investigative methods for better results in the fight against smuggling of goods
  • Social-media awareness campaign against smuggling activities

Project ATHENAAddressing Training to SPOC (Single Point of Contact) as Hub of a European Network of Law Enforcement Agencies

SELEC is a partner in project A.T.H.E.N.A that aims developing an effective coordination of training on law enforcement information exchange for the Single Points of Contact (SPOC), the promotion of a common law enforcement culture and the creation of a consolidated proactive network of SPOC Heads and staff.  The duration of the project is 30 months, the project started to be implemented in June 2017. The Italian Ministry of Interior is the project coordinator, SELEC being a co-partner together with State Police of Latvia, Malta Police Force, Romanian Police, Belgian Federal Police and CEPOL.