Currently SELEC implements the following projects:

ATHENA 2- Addressing Threat assessment through an European Network of Law Enforcement Agencies

The project supports coordinated evaluation of joint activities (patrols, investigation teams, cross-border surveillance) managed by beneficiaries (Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Slovenia, SELEC) and their neighboring countries. 24 cross border observations, 24 joint operations, 12 joint investigations, 24 joint patrols and 6 thematic workshops will be managed, with approx. 300 officers involved. 24 bilateral meetings focusing on planning, coordinating and evaluating operational joint activities will be also organized.

One of the working package will be dedicated to training for SPOC (single point of operational contact) and on field officers, in cooperation with CEPOL, in order to grant ad-hoc training for joint operations. Dedicated SPOC platform, established on CEPOL website, will support this activity. A mobile app for supporting joint operations will be also designed along with an analysis tool to be integrated in national Case Management Systems.