Operation “PANDORA” – a successful operation in the field of customs fraud, tax evasion, smuggling and money laundering

“PANDORA” was one of the most complex operations carried out in June 2014 by the investigative authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Prosecutor’s Office, State Investigation and Protection Agency – SIPA and Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina).

This operation was a continuation of previous operations code-named “BOS” and “MASTER”, targeting organized crime groups dealing with import of textile and other goods originating from China and Turkey. The operations “BOS” and “MASTER” were carried out in cooperation with Customs and Tax Authorities of Hungary and having the valuable support of SELEC. The mentioned operations are interconnected taking into consideration that some of the arrested individuals were active in more groups, applied the same modus operandi and performed similar criminal offences.

Investigators searched 30 business and residential buildings used by the suspected persons during Operation “PANDORA” which resulted in the arrest of 42 persons. At the same time, some of the arrested individuals are suspected of abusing the provisions of a trade agreement between Bosnia and Herzegovina and EU by exempting from customs duties individuals who imported vehicles from EU, based on preferential origin even though they knew that the vehicles originated from third countries (Mexico, Argentina etc.).