Operational Center Unit

The aim of the OCU is to increase the operational capacity of the law enforcement authorities against illegal trade. The OCU will bring together information from the entire SELEC region, EU and non-EU countries, thus addressing a proper operational response to different threats. A real-time exchange of information and criminal intelligence among SELEC Member States and Operational Partners, subsequently collected, collated, processed, analyzed and disseminated will support better operational, tactical and strategic decisions and efficient actions against the organized crime groups active in illegal trade.

As a part of the OCU, to ensure a fast collection, analysis and exchange of strategic and operational information among case officers, National Focal Points, SELEC Liaison officers, SELEC analysts, a customized SELEC Intelligence Reporting Application Tool (S.I.R.A.T.) will be soon launched.

The OCU is permanently interconnected with SELEC Member States through the National Focal Points (NFP) which are located within the national law enforcement authorities. In order to ensure mobility and dynamics of operations, the OCU can be connected directly with the case officers.

In 2018, during INTERPOL’s Global Operation LIONFISH focused on illicit substances and drug trafficking, SELEC hosted and supported the regional Operational Coordinating Unit (OCU) involving participating European countries including several Middle East countries, being one of the five OCUs set up for conducting this operation.

Operation LIONFISH led to the arrest of 1,300 suspects and the seizure of more than 35 tonnes of cocaine, five tonnes of heroin, 15 tonnes of cannabis and 430,000 Captagon tablets.