Operational Center Unit

In an effort to constantly increase its support to the Member States in countering transborder serious and organized crime in Southeast Europe, SELEC has recently added to its operational capacities a new state-of-the-art, highly secured Operational Center Unit (OCU).

The aim of the OCU is to increase the operational capacities of the law enforcement authorities of its Member States and Operational Partners. The OCU brings together information from the entire SELEC region, EU and non-EU countries, thus addressing a proper operational response to different threats.

A real-time exchange of information and criminal intelligence among SELEC Member States and Operational Partners, subsequently collected, collated, processed, analyzed and disseminated better support operational, tactical and strategic decisions and efficient actions against the organized crime groups.

The hardware architecture is flexible, scalable and provides high data security. It includes the integration and communication with National Focal Points of the Member States with voice and video communication solutions.

A crisis steering committee room is integrated into the Operational Center Unit, with fully encrypted voice, data and video communication.

The Operational Center Unit (OCU), that includes the customized SELEC Intelligence Reporting Application Tool (S.I.R.A.T), is based on a high-reliability and availability infrastructure capable of delivering 24/7 fast service.

The IT solution comprises an operational platform, including Geographic Information System (GIS), real-time situation awareness, incident management, reporting, Data Analytics Law Enforcement Intelligence Application, Collection Information Tool and a Document Management System.

The customized S.I.R.A.T application ensures a fast collection, analysis and exchange of strategic and operational information among Case Officers, National Focal Points, SELEC Liaison Officers and SELEC analysts.