Working meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Republic of Moldova

In the context of the establishment of the EU Hub for Security and Border Management in Republic of Moldova, on the 20th of September 2022, Mr. Romulus Nicolae Ungureanu, SELEC’s Director for Operations, had a meeting in Chisinau with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Republic of Moldova, H.E Ms. Ana Revenco.

The meeting focused on determining the main cooperation priorities by identifying the short, medium and long-term operational objectives.

The Minister expressed openness and readiness to further enhance the cooperation with SELEC by conducting joint activities, enhancing the information exchange, sharing expertise, preparing analytical reports, so as to better identify the risk factors and, hence, obtain improved results in combating the major crime areas that are of concern in the region, such as drug trafficking, trafficking in human beings, illegal migration, cybercrime, trafficking of weapons, a/o.

“I strongly believe that we need to increase our capacities to counter more efficiently transnational organized crime, especially considering the last years developments, the new hybrid manifestations, increased digitalization and use of technologies to conceal criminal activities. We can achieve this through continuous development of our capabilities, better tailoring the operational and analytical products so as to meet the needs of the law enforcement authorities of our Member States, and import of technologies and innovation in our work. The key of a successful action against organized crime is the partnership and cooperation among all actors involved in countering organized crime, including national, international and law enforcement agencies, as well as regional initiatives and platforms, such as the EU Hub for Security and Border Management in Republic of Moldova.

SELEC shall continue to develop its support in the benefit of the law enforcement authorities of its Member States, and increase its operational capacity to respond to the manifestations of transnational organized crime in the region.”- Mr. Ungureanu stated with this occasion.