Successful joint investigation conducted by Albanian authorities with SELEC support and involvement

The Directorate for Countering Narcotics and Illicit Trafficking within the Albanian State Police in cooperation with the Prosecutor Office for Serious Crimes successfully finalized the operation codenamed BALKAN, on drug trafficking, initiated in 2015.

The investigations were focused on an organized criminal group, active in different countries of the Balkan region, dealing with drug trafficking (heroin, cocaine and marijuana). The heroin was procured in Republic of Turkey and transported to Republic of Albania with final destination the EU countries. The marijuana was acquired in Republic of Albania and transported to Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Hellenic Republic and Republic of Turkey.

Parallel investigations were carried out in Republic of Albania, Republic of Bulgaria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Hellenic Republic, Republic of Serbia and Republic of Turkey. The exchange of information among the law enforcement agencies of the mentioned countries was exchanged in real time, through SELEC channel.

The investigation led to the arrest of 28 persons (including 5 organizers), arrest warrant being issued for other 20 persons involved in the illegal activities of this organized criminal group. Approximately 27 kg of heroin, 2 kg of cocaine and almost 184 kg marijuana were seized, as well as more than 38.000 Euro, 1,5 million Albanian Leke and 4 weapons. Further results of this joint investigation are expected.