BUCHAREST, September 11th, 2012 – Southeast European Law Enforcement Center (SELEC) continued its regular practice for recognition of outstanding law enforcement activities carried out by Police and Customs Authorities of SELEC Member States in fighting trans-border organized crime. In the first semester of 2012, SELEC granted awards to those cases which proved to be successful, using the SELEC cooperation network and involving at least two SELEC Member States.

The goal of the Awards is to provide not only a material prize, but also to motivate the law enforcement authorities to use cooperation avenues available through SELEC for fighting trans-border organized crime in Southeast Europe.

SELEC Bi-annual Awards Committee decided to grant the following awards for the first semester of 2012, as an appreciation for the efforts made and the results obtained by the relevant authorities of the Member States:

First Prize 
– Operation VLASINA, a drug trafficking case involving Republic of Bulgaria and Republic of Serbia. This operation led to the arrest of 12 persons (including the leaders of an Organized Criminal Group), dismantling of a laboratory of synthetic drug production and seizure of 1.3 tons of precursors, more than 10 liters BMK, 9 kg heroin, 1 kg marijuana, 4 guns, 1 pistol, ammunition and mobile phones.

Second Prize 
– Operation SPIDER, also a drug trafficking case involving Romania and Republic of Bulgaria, which had as a result the arrest of 3 persons and seizure of 40 kg of heroin, 2 vehicles and 4,400 euro.  

Third Prize 
– Operation TORONTO, a case in the field of falsifying documents used for illegal migration which involved Montenegro, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Serbia. The operation had de following outcomes: criminal reports against 10 persons and apprehension of 5 persons involved in falsifying documents; criminal reports against 7 persons who have used fake passports; seizure of 14 false travel documents, guns and computers. 
– Operation RUSO, in field of credit card fraud/ skimming involving Republic of Bulgaria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Serbia, which conducted to the arrest of 7 persons and seizure of equipment used for production of forged credit cards, 6 mobile devices, several phone cards, approximately 5,000 euro cash and 19 forged cards.