12th Meeting of Anti-Fraud and Anti-Smuggling Task Force

Timeframe: 18 September 2012 – 19 September 2012
Location: Bucharest, Romania


A variety of important issues covering all the areas of the Anti-Fraud and Anti-Smuggling Task Force of SELEC were discussed during its 12th operational meeting held on 18th – 19th of September 2012, in Bucharest, Romania. 

Representatives of all Member States and of SELEC partners countries and organizations, including representatives of the private sector, participated in this meeting. 

Mr. Petros Petroff, SELEC Director for Operations, highlighted the successful outcomes of the last year and encouraged the participants to continue to be strongly involved in the regional cooperation process by using the SELEC platform. 

During the meeting, the countries expressed their determination to continue and to enhance their efforts against smuggling of tobacco products and customs frauds, as these phenomena are representing an increasing threat for the national revenues and the public safety and security in SEE region and not only.

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