SELEC supports successful operation conducted by Bulgarian and Romanian authorities

SELEC provided support to the Bulgarian and Romanian authorities that conducted a joint investigation targeting to identify the perpetrators suspected of committing fraud and robbery offences on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria.  In two action days, following a swift exchange of information through SELEC channel and based on the support provided by the Bulgarian and Romanian SELEC Liaison Officers, the criminals – two Romanian nationals- were arrested at Dunav Most border check point, when attempting to re-enter the territory of Republic of Bulgaria.

The offenders, using a car with police blue lamp registered in Bulgaria, were pretending to be police officers seemingly performing their official duties of stopping and inspecting vehicles.

The success of the operation codenamed “Lightning” is owed to the Unit “Robberies” within Chief Directorate National Police in Sofia in cooperation with officers from Regional Police Directorate in Ruse, the Romanian International Police Cooperation Center and the officers from Criminal Investigations Unit within General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police.

The investigating procedure is still ongoing, the arrested offenders following to be prosecuted.