OSCE Annual Police Experts Meeting

On the 9-10 June 2016, Mr. Murat Caliskan, SELEC Turkish Police Liaison Officer, participated as a keynote speaker at the OSCE Annual Police Experts Meeting on “Intelligence-led policing: a model for strategic planning,strenghtening community policing and countering transnational threats posed by criminal activity”, held in Vienna / Austria. 

During his intervention, Mr.Caliskan mentioned the increased number of exchanges of information and joint investigations supported by SELEC, and presented the operation Sheppard in the field of migrants’ smuggling, a succesful joint investigation between Serbian and Turkish law enforcement authorities, awarded by SELEC last year. 

The objective of the meeting,held under the OSCE 2016 German Chairmanship-in-office, was to introduce intelligence-led policing models, methodologies and good practices to OSCE participating states, partners for cooperation and other participants.