SELEC hosted CEPOL’s training on Digital Skills for Cybercrime Investigators

During 23- 27 October 2023, SELEC hosted at its Training Center in Bucharest the training called “Digital skills for cybercrime investigators” organized by the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training – CEPOL.

Mr. Romulus Ungureanu, SELEC’s Director for Operations, welcomed the participants and addressed opening remarks, presenting briefly SELEC’s mission and activities.

Modern communication technologies – namely the Internet, social media and mobile applications – have significantly impacted the way in which organised crime groups are either committing their crimes or trying to conceal the tracks of their criminal activities. Therefore, it is needed to enhance the capacity of the law enforcement authorities in dealing with the new digital environment, by equipping them with the right tools and proper knowledge necessary to identify the perpetrators, gather information, and seize evidential material from the online environment.

As stated during the opening remarks by SELEC’s Director for Operations: “we need to adapt and adjust our work to the new realities and embrace the new technologies, whilst supporting the capacity building process and transfer of knowledge. That’s why, we consider that the training organized by CEPOL, and supported by SELEC, is another important activity that contributes enhancing the investigative capacity of the specialized law enforcement officers.

The training was addressed to specialized officers from law enforcement agencies from Southeast Europe.