SELEC at the Seminar of the Institutions for Combating Organized Crime from Southeast Europe

The Director for Operations, Mr. Romulus N. Ungureanu, represented SELEC at the XVIII Seminar of the Institutions for Combating Organized Crime from Southeast Europe, held during 6-9 November 2023, in Constanta/Romania.

The meeting gathered more than 130 participants, specialists in combating organized crime from the law enforcement authorities of the EU member states and neighboring countries, international/European organizations, the European Commission and Liaison Officers accredited in Romania.

The main topic of the conference was preventing and combating transborder organized crime, new trends and threats posed by illegal migration, cybercrime, terrorism and drug trafficking.

With this occasion, Mr. Ungureanu stated: “We witness an increasing technologization and digitalization of most of the forms of organized crime. Perpetrators have access to more and more sophisticated internet and communication technologies (ICT), challenging in this way the resources of the law enforcement agencies in investigating these crimes. Thus, we need to continue developing specialized tools for investigators, enhance the partnerships with the private sector and in particular, ICT companies, and invest in dedicated capacity building programs.

International cooperation remains the key of an effective action against transborder organized crime, therefore we stand ready to provide operational support to the law enforcement authorities from SELEC Member States and develop jointly with the other international organizations a more efficient framework for cooperation in the region.”

The conference was organized jointly by the Romanian Police, Hanns Seidel Foundation, the US Embassy in Bucharest and SELEC.