SELEC awards successful joint investigations

As an appreciation for the outstanding results and successful international cooperation, SELEC awarded the most notable joint investigations carried out by the law enforcement authorities of our Member States in the framework of SELEC during the second semester of 2018:

Joint investigation PEDIGREE involved the competent authorities of Republic of North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and Hungary, being conducted for dismantling an organized crime group with members from Serbia, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus, that was dealing with illegal trans-border organized crimes with animals. The head of the OCG was arrested in Republic of Bulgaria and 88 false dogs ‘passports were seized. As part of the investigation a cargo with 11 dogs was captured at Larnaca airport, in Cyprus. The profit of this illegal business is evaluated at hundred thousands of Euro.

Joint investigation LABDA, developed between Hungarian and Serbian law enforcement authorities, aimed dismantling an organized crime group involved in facilitating illegal border crossings of Serbian border towards Hungary, and illegal transit to the territory of Austria of a significant number of Albanian nationals. As a result of the good coordination and timely exchange of information through SELEC, 7 persons were arrested, including the organizers as well as the members of the organized crime group.

Joint investigation PHILIPP PLEIN was successfully finalized with a quantity of64 kg synthetic drug pills seized at the Bulgarian/ Serbian border following a joint investigation between Bulgarian and Turkish authorities. The drugs were concealed among the legal cargo of a truck coming from The Netherlands with final destination Republic of Turkey. The swift communication between the Bulgarian and Turkish SELEC Liaison Officers ensured the success of this joint investigation codenamed “PHILIPP PLEIN”, as the logo marked on the seized pills.

Joint investigation developed between Bulgarian and Moldovan law enforcement authorities related to dismantling a well-known organized crime group dealing with illegal trafficking of drugs in Republic of Moldova, European Union and Russian Federation, and with thefts in the European Union countries, was successfully finalized with the identification of the Bulgarian and Moldovan citizens directly involved in the growth, cultivation, transportation and sale of narcotic substances. A clandestine cannabis cultivation factory was discovered in Kicevo/Bulgaria as a result of this joint investigation. 500,000 euro estimated worth drugs were seized in this case.

Joint investigation AURORA 1 aimed dismantling an organized crime group involved in smuggling Somali citizens across Serbian territory. The exchange of information and the operational meetings supported by SELEC led to the successful completion of this joint investigation. The organizer and several members of the organized criminal group, which facilitated the illegal transfer of a significant number of Somali citizens over the state border between Montenegro and Serbia, with purpose of their further illegal transportation towards EU countries, were arrested.