The 19th SELEC Council session

The 19th session of the Council took place on 4 of June 2019 at SELEC Headquarters, in Bucharest/Romania, with the participation of the Council members from all SELEC Member States and representatives of SELEC Partner countries and organizations, namely Austria, Republic of Belarus, Kingdom of Belgium, CARICC, French Republic, GCC-CIC, Germany, Interpol, Israel, Italian Republic, PCC-SEE, Kingdom of Spain, United Kingdom and Ukraine, as well as SELEC Liaison Officers and Staff.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Zoran Lazarov, Assistant Minister within the Serbian Ministry of Interior as the Chairmanship of the Council for the year 2019 belongs to Republic of Serbia.

Ms. Snejana Maleeva, Director General of SELEC, welcomed the participants and congratulated everybody for the 20 anniversary of the successful functioning of the Center. SELEC was established in 1999 as SECI Center, in 2011 a new legal framework being adopted, the SELEC Convention. SELEC, as the successor of SECI Center, continues to support the endeavors of the law enforcement authorities of its 11 Member States through coordinated efforts for combating serious and trans-border organized crime.

With this occasion Mrs. Maleeva thanked the representatives of the Member States and Partners for their commitment and involvement that during these years yielded ever growing number of operational activities and successful results.

During the meeting the strategic and operational Action Plan for 2020 was presented, as well as the Annual Report that illustrates the main activities conducted throughout 2018, focusing on operational activities, operational and strategic analytical support, financial, legal and administrative matters.

Following the request of United Kingdom to become Operational partner with SELEC the Council members approved the application.

The Council is the highest decision- making body of SELEC consisting in high-level representatives of SELEC Member States, having the authority to take decisions about strategies, financial matters, elections of the SELEC Management, applications for memberships and operational partnerships, as well as the conclusion of agreements.