SELEC awarded Member States’ successful joint investigations

As an appreciation for the outstanding results and successful international cooperation, SELEC awarded the most noteworthy joint investigations carried out by the law enforcement authorities of our Member States in the framework of SELEC during the first semester of 2018: 

Joint investigation PASSPORT, related to illegal migration, was developed following one year intensive exchange of information through SELEC among law enforcement authorities of Republic of Albania, Republic of Bulgaria and The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. On 17th of March 2018 joint investigation PASSPORT on illegal migration was finalized, with 53 persons arrested and 12 persons wanted. The activities of the organized crime groups were spread in Republic of Albania, Republic of Bulgaria, Kingdom of Spain, Dominican Republic and United States of America. In the last 2 years they managed to smuggle to Great Britain, USA and Canada, by using forged documents, over 1,000 migrants, obtaining profits in an average amount of 15 million USD.

Joint investigation SUNSHINE, targeting drug trafficking, was conducted among thelaw enforcement authorities of Republic of Albania, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Hellenic Republic, Italian Republic and Republic of Turkey, with a total of 8.4 tons marijuana seized and 66 persons arrested. The organized crime group was trafficking drugs in the Balkan countries and in Europe, the modus operandi for the transport of the cannabis was by using a speed boat from Republic of Albania to Republic of Turkey. 

The Moldavian law enforcement authorities managed to seize 80 kg of heroin that was concealed in a truck following a joint investigation supported by SELEC developed among Bulgarian, Moldavian and Romanian authorities. The case was connected with the international channel for heroin trafficking from Republic of Turkey via Republic of Bulgaria, Romania and Republic of Moldova, destined to West European countries

Joint investigation IPAR targeted dismantling an organized crime group dealing with drug trafficking, namely smuggling marijuana from Republic of Serbia to Hungary. The organizers often changed the modus operandi, being noticed that the group employed different people to smuggle the marijuana across the border. During house searches, 15 kg of marijuana have been seized in an approximate value of 70,000 euro.