Organized Crime Threat Assessment for Southeast Europe

SELEC launches the Organized Crime Threat Assessment for Southeast Europe 2018 (OCTA SEE 2018), the most comprehensive strategic report drafted by SELEC, developed with the essential support of our Member States, covering a period of 5 years.

OCTA SEE is a qualitative assessment, a strategic report illustrating the current situation and trends, identifying threats in SELEC Member States, highlighting vulnerabilities and opportunities revealed by various types of crime.

All the information shared by the Member States as well as the data available in SELEC endorse the conclusion that crime has stepped up in complexity over time, while technology, mainly the Internet, has changed the face of crime forever. From drug trafficking to money laundering, the report’s motto “crime steers online” applies today to all the major crime areas.

The report intends to cast more light on the understanding of crime, while supporting the decision-making bodies in further translating ideas into national/regional strategic priorities, goals and operational action plans.

OCTA SEE is for law enforcement and judicial use only; the public version of its key findings shall be soon available on our website.