7 years of SELEC

On 7th of October 2018 we celebrate the 7th year of existence of the Southeast European Law Enforcement Center (SELEC), the successor of SECI Center which was founded in 1999.

SELEC promotes and facilitates enhanced regional cooperation between the competent law enforcement authorities of SELEC Member States and their counterparts in other states, with a view to contribute to the effectiveness in preventing and combating all forms of transborder organized crime in Southeast Europe.

During the years SELEC continuously strived to fulfill its mission at its best, evolving at institutional and operational level, the increasing trend in the number of exchanges of information and requests of assistance, as well as in the number of operational meetings and joint investigations supported by SELEC, the drafted analytical reports, the involvement in international projects, the fully equipped training center and the new Operational Center Unit, stand as a proof of this development.

Having in view the importance of our mission, SELEC always conferred a paramount consideration for enhancing the cooperation, building up and strengthening partnerships, thus besides the 11 Member States that successfully cooperate in the framework of SELEC, 3 Operational partners and 21 Observers joined synergies in attaining the objective of ensuring the security in the region and not only.

It worth mentioning also that SELEC recently finalized drafting the Organized Crime Threat Assessment for Southeast Europe (OCTA SEE), a strategic comprehensive report that illustrates the crimes current situation and trends, identifying also the threats in SELEC Member States, thus we are confident that OCTA SEE 2018 may support the setting up of national priorities, strategies and operational action plans of our Member States.

SELEC is committed to further develop its capabilities in order to offer a proper response to the emerging threats that affect the countries in the Southeast European region.

All forms of organized crime pose a significant threat to the security of the region, that is why, more than ever, the competent authorities must have a proactive approach and a common strategy in order to coordinate their endeavors for an effective and enhanced fight against organized crime” stated on this occasion Mrs. Snejana MALEEVA, Director General of SELEC, who continued “I take this opportunity to express my appreciation towards the law enforcement authorities of our Member States and its officers, as well as to convey gratitude to all SELEC partners for their relentless work in preventing and countering transnational organized crime that affects the society that we live in”.