Official visit to Republic of Turkey

On 15 of May 2019, Mrs. Snejana MALEEVA, Director General and Mr. Valentin NICULESCU, Director for Operations met the Director General of the Turkish National Police, Mr. Celal UZUNKAYA in order to discuss the achievements and the involvement of the Turkish law enforcement authorities in the work of SELEC.

Mrs. Maleeva expressed appreciation as regards the dedication and efforts of the Turkish police officers in combating transborder organized crime, and the joint investigations successfully conducted in the framework of SELEC, underlining the excellent results obtained.

During the visit in Republic of Turkey, the SELEC Management also met the General Director of Customs Enforcement, Mr. Abdullah SOYLU, and the Deputy General Director of the Directorate of Security and Intelligence within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Aylin SEKIZKÖK.

The discussions with the General Director of Customs focused on exploring the opportunities of enhancing the cooperation also in this area, as well as the possibility of posting a Customs Liaison Officer to SELEC.

Turkish authorities expressed their continuous support to SELEC and their readiness to reinforce the cooperation at operational level.

Republic of Turkey is one of the most active Member State of SELEC, coordinating the Anti-Terrorism Task Force established in 2003.