FREETOOL showcase workshop

During 15-17 of May 2019, SELEC hosted at its Training Center the FREETOOL showcase workshop held under Council of Europe’s Iproceeds, Glacy+ and CyberSouth projects, with the participation of cybercrime investigators and digital forensics experts from around the world.

Mrs. Tanja Levajkovikj, Director for Legal and Internal Affairs of SELEC and Mr. Virgil Spiridon, Head of Operations, Council of Europe Cybercrime Programme Office, welcomed the participants and addressed opening remarks.

The workshop provided law enforcement officers with basic knowledge on how to use the tools provided via FREETOL- Free Reliable Tools for Investigating Cybercrime, a project aimed developing investigation and forensic tools for the use of the law enforcement community. The showcase offered the opportunity for live demonstrations of the tools in action, testing the tools, providing feed-back to the developers and ultimately deploying the tools in cybercrime investigations.