High Level Visit

Bucharest, June 26th, 2012 – A delegation from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, headed by Major Gen. Othman Nasser Al Mehrej, Director General of Saudi Arabian Anti Narcotics Directorate, paid today a working visit to SELEC Headquarters.

Mr. Petros Petroff, SELEC Director for Operations, briefed the Saudi Arabian delegation on the Centre’s mission, capabilities and perspectives. He provided also more details about the operational aspects, emphasizing the advantages and benefits to become an operational partner of SELEC for any state or international organization which is willing to cooperate with the Center.   

The activities and achievements of the SELEC Task Force on Anti-Drug Trafficking were presented by Ms. Demetra Novakova, Customs Liaison Officer from the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia already expressed its intention to fully participate in the SELEC’s activities as Operational Partner and the country is currently expecting the decision of the SELEC Council, which will take place on July 11-12, 2012.

On the occasion of today’s meeting, Mr. Petroff pointed out that the advantages and outcomes of being an Operational Partner to SELEC will be soon visible for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, mentioning that this status will include the right to participate in operational activities, to exchange operational data and to post also a Liaison Officer to SELEC Headquarters, who will enjoy full diplomatic privileges and immunities.

The head of the Saudi Arabian delegation, Major Gen. Othman Nasser Al Mehrej, expressed his appreciation to the SELEC officials and pointed out that for Saudi Arabia the decision to join SELEC was considered of high strategic importance.