Courtesy visit to the Romanian Customs Administration

On the 12 of July 2023 the Director General of SELEC, Mr. Oğuz Serkant Akın, met Mr. Ion Cupa, the President of the Romanian Customs Administration.

During the visit, Mr. Akın congratulated the new president of the Romanian Customs Administration on his appointment and expressed his satisfaction for the contribution throughout the years of the Romanian Customs Administration and its Liaison Officer to the work of SELEC.

Mr. Cupa made a general presentation of the Romanian Customs Administration, its organisation, operation and attributions, as well as its role and importance in the European context.

It was stated that the Romanian Customs Administration is always supporting the fight against transborder organized crime and that the benefits of being a part of SELEC are notable to their work.

Mr. Ion Cupa, President of Romanian Customs Administration and Mr. Oğuz Serkant Akın, Director General of SELEC