Slovak Republic became SELEC’s Operational Partner

A Cooperation Agreement between SELEC and the Ministry of Interior of Slovak Republic was signed by the parties on the 12 of July 2023 .

The signing of this Agreement is based on the prior granting of the Operational Partner status to the Slovak Ministry of Interior by the SELEC Council.

Slovak Republic was previously an Observer to SELEC and applied for the Operational Partner status in order to further enhance the cooperation with SELEC, be able to exchange information and data, have access to the analytical products and get more involved in the activities and investigations carried out under SELEC’s auspices, and also be able to post a Liaison Officer to SELEC’s Headquarters in order to ensure the effective implementation of the above-mentioned Cooperation Agreement.

Following the entering into force of the Cooperation Agreement, Slovak Republic becomes SELEC’s 7th Operational Partner.