Additional results in joint investigation code-named NALUCA

In the framework of SELEC, additional actions were carried out as regards joint investigation code-named NALUCA related to smuggling of migrants, investigation conducted between the law enforcement authorities of Republic of Moldova and Romania.

Following the house searches performed at some members of the organized crime group involved in the transportation of the migrants from Middle East to European Union member states were found and seized fake Bulgarian identity cards, guns and ammunition that were held illegally, as well as accounting documents and information stored on electronic devices that are relevant to the investigation.

Thus, the criminal investigation against the members of the organized crime group is now carried out as regards committing the offences of smuggling of migrants, possession of fake documents and illegal possession of weapons, 3 persons being retained on this occasion.

Joint investigation NALUCA was initiated as a result of the swift exchange of information done through the SELEC channel between the Liaison Officers of Republic of Moldova and Romania; in the initial phase, in April 2022, the leaders and organizers of the organized crime group being arrested.