44 kg of heroin and 9 kg of marijuana seized during a SELEC coordinated operation

Based on the swift exchange of information and 24/7 support provided by the Liaison Officers posted at SELEC, on July 27th, 2017 the Bulgarian and Turkish authorities succeeded dismantling an organized criminal group dealing with drug trafficking from Republic of Turkey to Western Europe via Hellenic Republic, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and other countries on the route. The heroin was transported by a car, which was under the constant surveillance of the Turkish Police. Following the checks, 10 kg of heroin were found in a special concealment of the car, the traffickers being detained and the amount seized by the competent authorities. The following day, Turkish Police confiscated, from the location where the vehicle was loaded, an additional amount of 34 kg heroine and 9 kg marijuana, as well as a handgun and ammunition. 18 persons were arrested in this case.

Joint investigation codenamed PICASSO is still ongoing, further results being expected.