Excellent coordination among three law enforcement authorities in an illegal drug trafficking case

The law enforcement authorities of Republic of Albania, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Hellenic Republic successfully concluded joint investigation VECTOR/FRANKLIN that targeted dismantling two organized criminal groups dealing with illegal trafficking of drugs in the region.

The investigation revealed that initially two citizens from The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia organized in February 2017 the purchase of marijuana from Republic of Albania, arranging its transport to the territory of The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, through the lake of Ohrid.

As a result of the intensive exchange of information done through SELEC channel, the competent authorities of Republic of Albania managed to arrest 4 persons and seize 10,762 kg heroin and 10 kg of cannabis, the law enforcement authorities from The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia arrested 8 persons and seized, in two cases, a total of 40,955 kg marijuana, while the Hellenic Republic authorities recorded 38 arrests and seized 316,181 kg of cannabis, as well as 166 cannabis plants, 2 speedboats and 70 cell-phones used to coordinate the illegal drug trafficking.

The investigation is still ongoing in two of the involved countries, additional results following to be reported.