19th Meeting of Mirage Task Force on Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling

Timeframe: 17 October 2012

Location: SELEC Headquarters 


Bucharest, October 17th, 2012 – The representatives of the law enforcement authorities from SELEC Member States and also guests from EUBAM and Georgia attended the 19th meeting of Mirage Task Force on Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling, held on 17th of October 2012, at SELEC Headquarters. Opening remarks were addressed by Mr. Cristian Duta, SELEC Director for Operations.

The purpose of the meeting was to evaluate the regional situation on trafficking in human beings and migrants smuggling for the year 2011, to discuss on trafficking in persons’ related issues, as well as to plan the future related operational activities.

Each delegation presented a significant case in the area of human trafficking and migrant smuggling, highlighting the new trends, modus operandi and investigative methods.

Mirage Task Force, established in May 2000, is one of the oldest Task Forces developed by the former SECICenter, under Romanian Police coordination.

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