21st Conference of SEEPAG

Skopje, October 17- 18, 2012

The 21st Conference of SEEPAG, having as topic “The relation between the Prosecution Offices and the Media”, was held in Skopje, on 17- 18 of October 2012, with the participation of the SEEPAG Members, and representatives from the Public Prosecution Office of the host country, SELEC Director for Legal and Internal Affairs, US Department of Justice and European Judicial Network.

Judge Louis Guirola, US District Court Chief Judge, introduced the topic and shared with the participants the US experience in this matter.

During the meeting, the SEEPAG Members presented their national legislation concerning the topic and also exchanged experiences and views. As well, some activities of a project funded by the European Commission related to the Western Balkans Prosecutors Network were presented.

The participants were distributed the new SEEPAG Leaflet, as a symbol of the network’s importance and as a modality of increasing its visibility.

According to the General Guidelines of SEEPAG, and due to the fact that this was the last meeting of the SEEPAG Members for the year 2012, the Chairmanship was transferred to Hellenic Republic, Mr. Nikolaos ORNERAKIS, Public Prosecutor of First Instance in Athens, following to be the Chairperson of SEEPAG for the year 2013.

The next meeting’s topic is “Smuggling of migrants in the frame of organized crime”; the 22nd SEEPAG Meeting being planned to be held in April 2013, in Hellenic Republic.