Increasing SELEC’s Visibility – Visit to the Romanian Police Academy “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”

Bucharest, October 25th, 2012 – Among the priorities of SELEC there is the intention to extend its visibility by investing in future police and customs officers, giving them the opportunity to become more familiar with SELEC – its information exchange mechanism and its investigative and analytical capabilities.

In this context, a SELEC team formed by Mr. Cristian Duta, SELEC Director for Operations, Mr. Sorin Teodor Ilie, Romanian Police Liaison Officer, and Ms. Medeea Negutescu, Interim Public Relations Officer, paid a visit to the Romanian Police Academy “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” from Bucharest and addressed to 100 graduating students.

The young Police Romanian students had the excellent oportunity to discover SELEC’s mission, tasks and framework, including concrete examples of successful joint operations conducted within SELEC.