Wanted fugitives apprehended

Based on the information exchanged via SELEC channel, within the framework of joint investigation “RUNNERS”, at the end of June was arrested in Republic of North Macedonia one of the most wanted criminals in Europe, a Bulgarian citizen who is among the top 10 most wanted by Interpol.

The criminal was wanted by the Bulgarian court for serving a 14 years of effective imprisonment for committing violent crimes, namely he has kidnapped and raped in an extremely violent manner four women, Bulgarian citizens.

The same law enforcement authorities from Bulgaria and Republic of North Macedonia, respectively the units for detecting fugitives, had an additional successful arrest in Varna/Bulgaria of a fugitive, citizen of Republic of North Macedonia, who was wanted for committing sexual crimes with minors, and has a conviction of 13 years imprisonment issued by the competent court of Republic of North Macedonia.

These two examples show once again the effectiveness of SELEC channel for the fast and real time information exchange, plus the trust built between case officers during operational meetings also supported by SELEC.