U.S- European Cryptocurrency Work Group meeting

Mr. Romulus N. Ungureanu, SELEC Director for Operations, welcomed the participants to the U.S- European Cryptocurrency Work Group meeting held at SELEC Headquarters, Bucharest, during 26-27 of October 2022.

The meeting, organized jointly by US Department of Justice/ International Computer Hacking & Intellectual Property (ICHIP), SELEC and International Narcotics Law Enforcement, gathered participants from Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, Republic of North Macedonia, and United States of America.

The agenda of the meeting included discussions about the recent developments in virtual asset investigations, recent trends in cryptocurrency crimes, as well as the step by step approach of a U.S. Law Enforcement Virtual Currency Investigation.

“The increased digitalization of organized crime and migration toward new methods and platforms to transfer or conceal the financial proceeds of criminal activities, including the use of cryptocurrencies, it is a strong push factor for the law enforcement agencies to enhance the training programs and import of new technologies in the law enforcement area. The need to identify, gather and seize evidential material from the online environment became nowadays more powerful than ever.”- mentioned Mr. Ungureanu during his opening speech.