The North Macedonian and Turkish law enforcement authorities made one of the biggest seizure of synthetic drugs in Southeast

During the last weeks Republic of North Macedonia and Republic of Turkey cooperated in the case code-named “TAKSIM” related to an organized crime group dealing with drug trafficking.

Based on the intelligence shared via the SELEC channel Turkish Customs Enforcement and North Macedonian Police have conducted a uniquely successful controlled delivery that led to the detection of 1 tons 105 kg of drug precursors used in Amphetamine-Methamphetamine production which was sent through Istanbul from Shanghai to Skopje by air.

Having in mind that the substance seized is a first-class category main precursor for production of amphetamine stimulant, the estimated value of the Amphetamine-Methamphetamine that could be produced with this illegal substance is over 50 million euro.

As a result of this joint operation, which is one of the biggest precursors seizures in the SELEC region recorded since the establishment of SELEC, two North Macedonian citizens were arrested, and the entire quantity of the illegal substances was confiscated.

The criminal proceedings in this case are still ongoing.