The Director of Public Security of Republic of North Macedonia visited SELEC

On 13 of June 2021, the Management of SELEC received at the SELEC Headquarters an official delegation lead by Mr. Sasho Tasevski, Director of Public Security, Republic of North Macedonia.

During the meeting Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, the Director General of SELEC, expressed appreciation for the active involvement of the Liaison Officer posted at SELEC and the law enforcement officers of Republic of North Macedonia in fighting transborder serious and organized crime in Southeast Europe.

Among the activities presented to the delegation, Mrs. Maleeva mentioned one of the latest joint investigation successfully concluded in the framework of SELEC, namely joint investigation code-named Cage related to fraud and forgery of documents conducted between law enforcement authorities of Republic of North Macedonia and Montenegro.

Mr. Tasevski, who was accompanied by Mr. Veton Kranliovski, Head of Organized Crime Department, Mr. Oliver Lukaroski, Head of Criminal Police and Mr. Refik Cherimi, Head of International Police Cooperation, reiterated the full support of Republic of North Macedonia to SELEC, and thanked SELEC for the continuous and beneficial assistance in joining synergies for combating all forms of crime.

Joint expectations were expressed during the visit as regards further enhancing the cooperation in preventing and combating all forms of crime, in ensuring the security in Southeast Europe.

Republic of North Macedonia is a founding member of SELEC, currently leading the Financial and Computer Crime Task Force.