The Director for Operations of SELEC attended Foro di Roma

On December 13th 2017, Mr. Romulus N. Ungureanu, Director for Operations, attended the Foro di Roma held in Rome/Italy with the participation of representatives from various countries, as well as European Commission, Europol, Frontex, Interpol and SELEC.

Foro di Roma is an important meeting of Balkan Region Police Chiefs having the role to share knowledge and experience, as well as to plan operational strategies to address current criminal threats.

SELEC can contribute to these efforts by sharing the experience in the field and underlining the important steps that were taken in order to efficiently tackle organized criminality, increase and diversify the police actions and the tools available to law enforcement authorities.

“In the general context of globalization, identifying and developing the most adequate ways to tackle this phenomena is a priority for SELEC” stated Mr. Ungureanu on this occasion.