The 10th meeting of the Container Security Task Force

The 10th meeting of the Container Security Task Force organized by SELEC was held on 29th of November 2018 at the SELEC Headquarters in  Bucharest/Romania, with the participation of law enforcement officers from SELEC Member States and representatives of partners, such as GCC-Criminal Information Center to Combat Drugs, European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM), French Republic, International Organization for Migration (IOM), Slovakia, Spain and World Custom Organization (WCO).

A short overview on the Container Security Task Force and its latest activities, as well as the future expectations related to this Task Force were presented by the Hellenic National Coordinator of the Container Security Task Force.

Also, the Regional Assessment on Container Security prepared by SELEC was presented during the meeting, the assessment being drafted based on the information provided by the SELEC Member States.

During the meeting, the SELEC Member States’ experts presented the current situation as regards the Container Security field, in particular new trends and challenges, investigations, proposals a/o.

Among the future priorities were mentioned the necessity to coordinate with the other Task Forces, to cooperate with other international organizations or bodies acting in this field, to coordinate region wide operations, practical trainings and exercises, to train experts on different topics and maintain a continuous evaluation of the regional situation.

The Container Security Task Force, established in 2005 and coordinated by Hellenic Republic, has regular meetings organized by SELEC.