Successful Romanian Operation ELDORADO

On 26th of March 2013, Craiova Brigade For Countering Organized Criminality successfully finalized the Operation ELDORADO, in the field of  combating smuggling of migrants. Two organized criminal groups were investigated more than one year and 146 police officers and prosecutors took part in the final operation. International police cooperation was made with the support of FBI (through SELEC) and DHS-ICE, Vienna Office.

Till now, 293 victims (migrants) were identified, more of them Rroma ethnics, but according to the information received the total number of migrants is around 600.

As modus operandi, the members of the organized groups recruited pour people from Romania and organized their migration in USA, through Mexico, with the support of other accomplishes located in these countries, for amount of 1,000 – 1,500 euro each. The criminal network had also connections in Canada. 

In order to gathered evidences, 13 house searches were simultaneously done with the following results:

  • 4 main organizers arrested for 29 days
  • For 2 other main organizers were issued international arrested warrants
  • 2 members will be investigated in freedom
  • Against 1 suspect was issued a restricted court order to not leave the country
  • 5 kg of golden jewellery, 4800 Euro and 3900 USD  were seized
  • 1 stolen car (Land Rover) was also seized by the police
  • Other hunting knifes, swords and different weapons were found out and seized from the suspects’ houses.