Successful Operation in the Field of Drug Trafficking

The Operation “Walker” was simultaneously realized on 12th of April 2013 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Croatia, Montenegro and Republic of Serbia. This joint operation was coordinated by SELEC and jointly supported by SELEC and EU IPA 2010 Programme. During the process, two operational meetings were conducted with the participation of case prosecutors and investigation officers.

The operation succeeded with the arrest of 48 persons (including the organizers of OCG) in the above mentioned countries, alongside the seizure of 376.1 kg of marijuana skunk, 0.523 kg of heroin, 20 kg of explosives and bigger quantity of weapons and ammunition.

The criminal group organized drug trafficking to Western Europe through two main routes in the region. The total value of the seized drugs is estimated to be approximately 730,000 euro.

At the press conference held in Trebinje/ Bosnia and Herzegovina, SELEC was represented by Mr. Slaven Rosić, Bosnia and Herzegovina´s Police Liaison Officer.

Mr. Rosić emphasized the role of SELEC in organization and running the Operation “Walker”, explaining how SELEC helps its Member States in combating all kinds of transnational criminality.

Mr. Cristian Duta, SELEC Director for Operations, stated: “This has become one of the successful operations coordinated under SELEC auspices. Information exchange was facilitated through SELEC channels and two operational meetings between the involved investigators from the participating countries were supported by SELEC during this operation. In order to better face the challenges in the law enforcement area, SELEC’s main priority is to support the Member States’ agencies in their coordination of trans-border cases for consolidating safety and security in the region” .