10th Meeting of the Stolen Vehicles Task Force

Timeframe: 10 April 2013
Location: SELEC Headquarters


Bucharest, April 10, 2013 – The 10th Meeting of the Stolen Vehicles Task Force was held today at the SELEC premises in Bucharest/ Romania.

The representatives of the SELEC Member States  as well as from French Republic, Group GIE ARGOS, IAATI – EB, Italian Republic, Kingdom of Spain, Europol, EUBAM and Ukraine participated in this meeting.

Each Member State presented the national situation on the current vehicles crime and related statistics – new trends and challenges, recent investigations and case examples.

A short evaluation report of the Regional Operation “LEASE CAR” was discussed in the first part of the meeting. The Regional Operation “LEASE CAR” was focused on stolen vehicles smuggled from Western Europe through SELEC Member States to the countries of Near and Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Iran) taking into consideration the possibility that during the operation any SELEC Member State might appear as a source, transit or destination country. The main purpose of the operation was to hinder the activity of stolen vehicle traffickers, as well as the trans-border activity of the perpetrators („leasing fraud”, „duplication”) and to start criminal proceedings against them for vehicle-related crimes (theft, fraud, receiving etc.). Besides the mentioned goals, the regional operation was meant to serve also as a tool for gathering intelligence regarding possible links of individuals and companies to criminal activities.

One of the conclusions of the 10th Meeting of the Stolen Vehicles Task Force was that there is a decreasing trend regarding the stolen vehicles in the region.

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