Successful joint investigation regarding illegal tobacco production

Following the information exchange done through SELEC, recently was finalized joint investigation code-named BUCKET on illegal tobacco production, investigation conducted between the Bulgarian and Romanian law enforcement authorities.

The tobacco was produced in Bulgaria and then transported by road, with trucks and vans, to Romania, either using the direct route Bulgaria-Romania, either the route Bulgaria-Serbia-Hungary-Romania.

Within the special police operation were conducted in Romania 26 house searches, being found 6 locations where the processing of tobacco was done.

The members of the organized crime group consisted of Bulgarian and Romanian citizens, 39 suspects being detained so far in this case.

During the investigation it was found out that in the previous period, the same organized crime group, introduced in Romania in two different occasions 290 tons of tobacco, respectively 40 tons of tobacco. The last seizure consisted in more than 15 tons tobacco.