Study Visit

Bucharest, January 31st, 2012 – A group of twenty four high rank  French Police & Gendarmerie officers, attending the education program of the Center of High Level Studies within the Ministry of Interior of the French Republic (CHEMI), paid today a study visit to the SELEC Headquarters, being hosted by Mr. Petros Petroff, Acting Director in charge with Operations.

Mr. Petroff had the opportunity to present to the distinguished visitors the achievements and the evolution of the Center over the last eleven years, emphasizing the importance of the SELEC Convention as a cost effective governmental response providing significant added values in the field of information exchange, operations, joint investigations and analysis, supporting effectively its Member States in tackling criminal phenomena with trans-border characteristics in this region.He underlined that SELEC is expected to be one of the most significant Law Enforcement Organizations in Europe keeping the leading role in the South Eastern European region.