Study Visit

Bucharest, March 8th, 2012 – A group of twenty five experts from the Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe Secretariat (PCC SEE) paid a study visit to the SELEC Headquarters, being hosted by Mr. Petros Petroff, Acting Director in charge with Operations.

This study visit was included in the programme of the 7th Meeting of the Expert Working Group of PCC SEE, organized on 7th – 9th of March 2012, in Bucharest/ Romania, under Romanian chairmanship.Mr. Petroff briefed the participants about the evolution of the Center as well as its perspectives and goals, under the new identity. Mr. Petroff underlined that SECI Center/ SELEC has proven to be one of the most cost effective investment comparing with the benefits brought to its Member States, a reliable and effective law enforcement  international cooperation platform. It is also a firm governmental response against the organized crime phenomena threatening the SEE region, complying to the citizens concerns in the Member States for a safer and secure environment.