SELEC’s merits in combating transborder organized crime recognized by the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior

On the 21st of June 2023, the Deputy Minister of Interior of Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Stoyan Temelakiev, and the Head of Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation Department/ EU and international cooperation Directorate, Mr. Rosen Kukushev, visited SELEC in order to offer an honorary medal to the Director General of SELEC, Mr.Oğuz Serkant Akın, for Collaboration and Specific Assistance Provided to the Ministry of Interior in Protecting National Security, Maintaining Public Order and Counteraction to Crime.

On behalf of the Bulgarian Minister of Interior were also offered plaquettes of appreciation to Mrs. Tanja Levajkovikj- Director for Legal and Internal Affairs, Mr. Romulus Ungureanu- Director for Operations, and the Bulgarian Liaison Officers posted at SELEC.

The medal and plaquettes were offered on behalf of the Ministry of Interior of Republic of Bulgaria for the merits in combating transborder organized crime and as a sign of appreciation for the excellent cooperation.