SELEC Management visited Hellenic Police and Customs authorities

On the 8th of May 2024, the SELEC Management visited the Hellenic Police where they met Mr. Dimitrios Mallios, the Chief of the Hellenic Police, and Mr. Christos Tsitsimpikos, Head of International Police Cooperation Division.

The parties exchanged views on possibilities to enhance the cooperation, Mr. Oguz Serkant Akin, Director General of SELEC, expressing the appreciation for the latest joint investigations conducted in the framework of SELEC, and the active role of the Liaison Officer posted at SELEC Headquarters.

In the same day, the Director of Division of Strategy of Customs Controls and Offences, Mr. Angelos Lymperis, welcomed the members of the SELEC Management at the Customs Headquarters in Athens, in order to discuss the potential activities to be conducted in the framework of the Container Security Task Force coordinated by Greece.