SELEC celebrates its 23rd anniversary

On the 7th of October we mark SELEC’s anniversary, date when the SELEC Convention, the founding document of SELEC, entered into force.

Since its establishment as SECI Center in 1999, SELEC has gradually developed throughout the years, being the only law enforcement international organization that combats transborder serious and organized crime in Southeast Europe.

The success of SELEC is owed to the relentless work and commitment of the law enforcement authorities of its Member States and Partners, to the Liaison Officers posted at the SELEC Headquarters that facilitate the cooperation at operational level, exchanging information and data in real time, to the National Focal Points that offer tailored support and swift communication, and also to the dedicated SELEC staff.

Regional cooperation would not be effective without partnerships between institutions, organizations and the private sector, having a common approach in addressing the security challenges that the region is facing.

On this occasion, Dr. Oğuz Serkant AKIN, Director General, stated: “SELEC, taking its strength from its Member States and Partners, is proud of supporting activities that protect public safety, health, economy and the environment. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the activities that SELEC has carried out since the day it was founded, and those who have served under the roof of SELEC”.