SELEC awards Border Police officers of Bosnia and Herzegovina

On June 6th 2018, on behalf of SELEC, Mr. Eldar Jahić, handed the Certificate of Honor to the Director of Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Zoran Galić, as a recognition for the contribution of the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina in fighting against organized cross border crime by successfully concluding Operation Dardaneli that was granted the First Place for the second semester of 2017.

Within Operation Dardaneli, under the auspices of SELEC, 21 persons were apprehended in the countries where activities were conducted on the grounds for suspicion that these persons were part of an organized crime group that smuggled around 100 persons, mostly Turkish nationals, over the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union countries.

As an appreciation for the outstanding results and effective international cooperation, SELEC awards the most noteworthy joint investigations carried out with SELEC’s support by the law enforcement authorities of its Member States