Seizure of 62 kg of heroin during a joint action between Turkish and Bulgarian authorities

On the 5th of May 2016, a quantity of 62 kg of heroin was seized by Istanbul Narcotic Police Department in an operation following a SELEC-coordinated process between Bulgarian and Turkish Police authorities. The members of the organized criminal network involved in the case were arrested. The communication regarding the case was facilitated by Turkish and Bulgarian Police Liaison Officers posted at SELEC.

SELEC supported this investigation by facilitating the swift exchange of information and by providing operational assistance.

The investigation is still on-going and further results are expected in near future.

Last year, in the framework of the Anti-Drug Trafficking Task Force, 31 joint investigations were supported by SELEC, the highest amount of heroin (12,6 tons) being seized by Republic of Turkey.

SELEC’s operational activities are conducted mainly in the framework of its eight Task Forces addressing various areas of trans-border organized criminality, the Anti-Drug Trafficking Task Force established in 2000 and coordinated by Republic of Bulgaria being one of the most active.