Second level training session on Firearms trafficking investigations

In the framework of project SIRAS- Strengthening the fight against firearms trafficking in Southeastern Europe, SELEC organized during 10-14 of June 2019 the third training session in Firearms trafficking investigations on the Surface Web and the Dark Net.

The course was attended by experts in tackling firearms trafficking from the national Police forces of the SELEC Member States and took place in the training room that was duly equipped for this purpose at the SELEC Headquarters, under the same Project SIRAS.

The previous training sessions (first-level modules held on 11-15 March and 8-12 April) covered general knowledge of the Internet, social media, computers, dark markets, virtual currencies and undercover investigations, techniques and methods of accessing the Dark Net, OSINT tools, following/seizing virtual currency, etc.

The second level training session held in June was designed as an advanced module meant to build upon the knowledge acquired during the beginner sessions. The advanced training covered additional tools and techniques to perform Dark Net investigations and the participants had the opportunity to run a complex market of their own. The theoretical and practical parts, which were mixed and balanced during the course, were successfully complemented by a train-of-trainers session which encouraged knowledge sharing and dissemination.

In accordance with the provisions of Project SIRAS, at the end of the advanced module the participants returned to their authorities with the equipment and software for online investigations that will enable them to practice what they have learnt. Thus SELEC provided the representatives of the participating countries with both the knowledge and the necessary equipment to undertake complex investigations online.

Project SIRAS aims at strengthening the capacities of the law enforcement agencies in South-East Europe in fighting firearms trafficking. The project envisages to support the use in the EU Member States and the SELEC Member Countries of data collection/analytic capabilities regarding firearms and to strengthen the investigation capacity, as well as joint investigations, police cooperation and standardization between law enforcement authorities in the region. 

Project SIRAS is co-funded by the Internal Security Fund of the European Union under the funding mechanism Home/2015/ISFP/AG/TDFX/400000735-Internal Security Fund, having as partners the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police, SELEC, the Albanian State Police, the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Bulgarian General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and the Italian Ministry of Interior.

This project is funded by
the European Union.

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